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Trucking and warehousing safety are often critical issues in disputes involving vehicle crashes, workplace injuries, and cargo losses. Our transportation experts bring decades of professional experience as truck drivers, warehouse terminal managers, and fleet operators to each investigation.
Among our trucking and warehousing experts you will find professionals who have spent years as truck drivers, warehouse terminal managers, transportation safety managers, and fleet managers.

Our trucking and warehousing experts investigate a range of issues including:

  • CDL driver hiring and training standards
  • Trucker driver actions
  • Driver logbooks / driver fatigue
  • DOT and OSHA compliance
  • Forklift and loading dock incidents
  • Load securement / improper loading-unloading
  • Cargo damage and theft claims

We also offer in-house expertise in many specialty areas of science that are frequently disputed in commercial trucking cases. Caspian Jibek Joly employs an impressive group of engineers specializing in fields such as human factors, tire failure analysis, injury biomechanics, toxicology, and meteorology.

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