Export Packing

Export packaging material plays a vital part to ensure your product arrives safe and secure at its final destination. There is a wide range of packaging product options from which to choose. Export packaging products are engineered to protect from stacking pressures, vibrations, drops, and climatic stresses or moisture– as well as from bending, cutting, or compression. Different kinds of blocking materials are used to immobilize products. Void-filling materials are used to fill the empty spaces around the packed product for secure transport.

Air shipment is ideal for short lead times. The downside is that air shipment is the most expensive option.

Sea transportation is the most common solution for shipping large, bulky goods with flexible lead times. Shipping on the water takes the longest amount of time, but is the most affordable way to move bulk shipments of large volume between long distances.

Rail transportation is one of the most affordable options for inland transportation, because it offers fast delivery of large volume shipments and is readily available to many destinations.

Road transportation is the most common form of freighting, and road freight will be required to move the shipment from an air or sea port to its final inland destination. Trucking provides fast delivery, is ideal for short distance shipments, and is very cost effective.

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